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What does the term HyperLocal mean?

So what DOES the term HyperLocal mean? Let’s have a look.

HyperLocal – News and Content targeted at the “Community-level”

Wikipedia has two pages devoted to the meaning of the term Hyperlocal – the pages are titled HyperLocal and Local News.

Wikipedia defines HyperLocal content as:

  • Referring to entities and events that are located within a well defined, community scale area
  • Intended primarily for consumption by residents of that area

Another term sometimes used for HyperLocal News is placeblogging. From the Local News wikipedia page:

Tim Lindgren has used the term “place blogging” to describe weblogs that focus on events and people with a hyperlocal scope

Who generates HyperLocal content?

Hyperlocal News often has a Citizen Journalism component, and leverages the participation and contributions of the community.

From Wikipedia:

Some people think hyperlocal content has to be produced by residents of this area, but this point is discussed (for example a gov stat can be hyperlocal but not locally produced)

HyperLocal News is Social

HyperLocal News environments typically have a social component to them, where members of a community can contribute and comment on content uploaded to the site

Hyperlocal News and Multimedia content

Hyperlocal News typically asks its community to contribute “multimedia” content – for example pictures, video, audio, etc.

HyperLocal News and the economics of News production

From Wikipedia:

The increased usage of digital media devices (e.g. photo and video cameras, audio recorders), blogs, new media, and participation in social media, has made hyperlocal media content cheaper to produce and distribute.

How does Hyperlocal news differ from traditional Local News?

Wikipedia has this to say:

Typical mainstream media do not cover topics with narrow interest like street repair or local health inspection results, and instead focus on regional, national, and global concerns and trends.
Hyperlocal media has created a niche for themselves by only covering narrow-interest stories related to a specific region, city, or neighborhood.

What is the “specificity” of Hyperlocal News/Content?

From Wikipedia:

Part of the difficulty with hyperlocal news may be related to its level of specificity. Some news is interesting on a regional basis, some on a city-wide basis, some is interesting for a neighborhood, while some is only interested to those within earshot.
This type of content (hyperlocal) should be contrasted with local news which tends to be less geographically constrained.

Cool examples of HyperLocal News/Journalism

From Wikipedia:

As reported in the New York Times, the hyperlocal content company Patch has “one journalist in each town who travels to school board meetings and coffee shops with a laptop and camera.”


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