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Open Linked Data

Introduction to Open Linked Data

A very interesting groundswell is forming around the desire for opening up data to the web, and making it available for all to link to and share. This movement goes by various names including Open Data, Linked Data, and Opening Linked Data.

Open Linked Data leverages technologies inherent in the Semantic Web – specifically RDF.

Here are some interesting articles on the topic:

To get a sense of how data is being opened to and linked in the Web of Data, here is a visual from the W3C from March 2009:


OK, so how does this relate to Journalism?

This past week, MSNBC accounced that they had acquired Everyblock. To learn more about Everyblock, and there strategic position in the HyperLocal space, visit there site here. The Guardian is also moving fast in the data-driven journalism space – see here, and here, and here.

Lamenting on the Newspapers’ failure to act on the strategic importance of Everyblock, Alan Mutter has this to say.

What Everyblock and the Guardian are fast engaging is what is sometimes referred to as Database Journalism. For further insight and discussion into the role of Database Journalism, see:

Other Open Data initiatives

The Open Data movement is also pressing Governments to open up their data. See:

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