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BuddyPress – WordPress Social Networking "platform"

Was just having a look at BuddyPress, the name for a set of themes that enable Social Networking capbilities in WordPress. Check out this video:

Haven’t actually installed BuddyPress yet, but it looks very impressive. Expanded User profiles, e-mail, forums, Twitter-like activity streams. Very cool.

Check out the BuddyPress home page if interested. New released in September.

Google Wave should be released soon too. Oooohhhh, aahhhhh …


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  1. Alex Blonski
    August 27, 2009 at 9:42 am

    I’ve taken a look at Buddypress before. I think would be a fantastic front end on any newspaper site. Using WordPress as the back-end CMS and Buddypress as the gloss would give us a an easy-to-use online publishing tool that was cheap and looked fantastic. Right now we have multiple CMS’s: community, online publishing and blogging. If these could all be combined together into one tool we’d save on development time, training and the time it takes our editors to switch between multiple tools.

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