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Where 2.0 2009 – Location-enabled Applications

Stumbled across the Where 2.0 conference – a conference held by O’Reilly Media for all things location-enabled. Here’s are links to videos from the Where 09 conference. Following are 2 presentations I found particular interesting.

Innovation Through Open Location – Tyler Bell, Yahoo Geo Technologies

A very interesting presentation on Yahoo’s view of a “locatation aware” Internet, and their Open Location initiative. Here’s the video:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2154770&dest=-1]

Yahoo’s vision of a pervasive “location aware” Internet, is nicely summed up by the simple slide below:


Yahoo! has a very strong Geo Technologies team – their blog can be found here.

Where does Journalism Go? – Dan Gillmor

Dan Gillmor is the author of We the Media: Grass Roots Journalism for the People, by the People. Here’s his presentation:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2174267&dest=-1]

Dan opens saying he’s “going to talk about how Journalists are using [location-based services], but we’re not sure who the Journalists are anymore.” He professes that “the traditional media have not in general done that well with the new location-based technology”.

He then explore some interesting uses for how Journalists can use hyperlocal sources of data to do informative data-driven journalism – including the use of maps and other data visualization techniques.

Gillmor pays kudos to the efforts of Adrian Holovaty, the founder of Everyblock, but lamets the fact that Holovaty couldn’t establish Everyblock inside a traditional news organization, but had to leave to do it himself.

Lots of other videos from the Where 2.0 conference, but these were my 2 favorites.


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