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Information Visualization Manifesto

Jason Khan recently had a post that contained a link to an Information Visualization Manifesto.

I LOVE the line at the top of this Manifesto:

“The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures”

Ben Shneiderman (1999)

Truer words were never spoken. It’s a statement that strongly influences all my work in visual thinking and design.


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  1. jackers
    August 24, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Yes, there’s a strong overlap between Information Visualization and Information Art, and many practitioners will operate in that boundary. Jonathan Harris is a great example; another one that comes to mind is Mark Lombardi. Lombardi was considered an artist, yet his meticulous investigations, which resemble a painstaking scientific inquiry, were all about disclose and reveal. Many others exist who solely operate on this borderline and this is the type of positive ambiguity that’s beneficial for both areas. I do believe there should be a middle ground between Information Visualization and Information Art. This not only facilitates cross-pollination but also constantly validates each independent pursuit.
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