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Journalism and Social Media – Neiman Reports Part II

This is a follow-up to a previous post on the recent Harvard Nieman School of Journalism’s report on Journalism and Social Media.


So, an absolutely fantastic collection of essays/posts from from the Nieman School of Journalism on Journalism and Social Media. It’s by far the best collection of ideas on the topic I’ve found collected in a single place.

Having gone through most of the articles in the report, I would categorize the material into two categories:

  1. Journalism and Social Media
  2. Issues in the broader changing media landscape

In the Journalism and Social Media category, there are two main topics discussed:

  1. The vital importance of the audience as an “active participant” in generation of news media
  2. The vital importance of establishing and hosting and promoting online communities and the communications they foster
  3. The continuing impact of Social Media – blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – on the practice of Journalism

In the “broader issues” category, the following topics are discussed:

  • Public Internet/In-depth Journalism
  • Issues of Credibility and Trust
  • the Quality and value of traditional Journalism
  • the pace of innovation and impact of disprutive technology in today’s news media
  • Transparency in Journalism
  • tools for the Digital Journalist

… amongst others.

My personal favorites

Here’s my personal favorite essays/posts in the report:

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