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Jeff Jarvis – What would Google do (WWGD)?

Continuing on my theme of the Web Changes Everything, I re-read a blog post from Jeff Jarvis from October 2008 titled The WWGD? world. This article was written by Jarvis right around the time he finished his similarly-named book.

What I find interesting about this article is that Jarvis, essentially, is exploring this very topic – how the Web basically “changes everything”. And he highlights, what for him are, the key ways that the Web changes the game. Here’s the key insights that, for Jarvis, define the Google approach:

  • The link changes everything
  • – That’s for sure! A no-brainer there.

  • Atoms are a drag
  • – Well the Web Squared vision might change this equation somewhat, but point taken.

  • Small is the new big
  • – Not sure how this will play out in the long run either. But yes, there is the whole “servicing the long tail” thing.

  • Be a platform
  • – With efforts by the NY Times and The Guardian to provide Open Data platforms and APIs, this message from Jarvis I find very intriguing. Want to give more thought to this in future posts.

  • Be transparent
  • – Brilliant. Can’t emphasize the importance of this enough.

  • Give the people control and we will use it; don’t and you will lose us
  • – Ditto.

  • There is an inverse relationship between control and trust
  • – Ditto again.

  • Don’t be evil
  • – Shouldn’t have to be emphasized, but all is not well in our world today. And to my mind, corporate entities bear significant responsibility for this state of affairs (though of course, they are not the only ones).

Fantastic summary by Jarvis. Look to comment further on these topics in the future.


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