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The Web changes Everything – a Framework

For the past several months, I’ve been trying to devise a “framework” that captures the broad forces on the Web that are changing the Media industry. In this endeavor, I’m not initialling trying to go particularly deep, as I want to nail the broad dimensions (or “vectors”) of impact.

So I created a mind map using a tool called FreeMind, and titled it The Web Changes Everything – a Framework.

In this Framework, I identify 10 key “aspects” of the Web:

  1. Web as Global Network
  2. Web Applications and Technology
  3. Social Web
  4. Business Web
  5. The Open Web
  6. My Web
  7. Information/Data Web
  8. Media and Content Web
  9. The Discoverable Web
  10. The Web of Innovation and Change

These “views” of the Web are in no way meant to be “canonical”, in that they higlight THE 10 key aspects of the Web, as it is currently influecing the news media landscape. Rather, they are useful categories that I found to begin to consider various aspects of the Web that currently interest me.

Interestingly, the contents of the various categories tend to reference one another. For example, one of the sub-categories of The Business Web is “Web Business Strategies”. And when considering Web Business Strategies, you inevitably consider Social Web strategies, Information and Data strategies, Media and Content strategies, Open Business Models, and leveraging Network effects (made possible by the Web as a Global Network), etc.

Anyway, I found it to be a useful thinking tool.



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