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A critical look at the media – Glenn Greenwald

I’ve always been fascinated by how the line can blur between media and propaganda. From Noam Chomsky to Alex Carrey, the role of the media in, as Noam Chomsky refers to it, “manufacturing consent” in a western democracy is a fascinating one.

Glenn Greenwald on Iran

I thought about this topic as I viewed a read a recent blog post by one of my favorite journalists – Glenn Greenwald of Salon. He posted a wonderful blog post yesterday titled Talking about Iran on TV. In this post, he embeds a YouTube video of an interview he had on msnbc with Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, where he provides a counter-view of the standard US media line on Iran. The video is below:

I don’t personally want to side with any particular view on the Iranian situation, but rather just consider the different “narratives” on the Iranian situation. In many ways, there are echos of the media narrative leading up to the War on Iraq. Very interesting.

The case of Sibel Edmonds

On another note, a very interesting radio program discussing the recent interview by the American Conservative magazine with Sibel Edmonds. Here’s a link to this month’s article in the American Conservative, titled Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds? And here’s a fascinating interview discussing Edmonds situation.

This is a profoundly important case to the future of American democracy, but we’ll see if it ever gets any legs.

*** Update 1 (10/12/09)

For anyone interested, Sibel Edmonds deposition where she is finally able to discuss her case publically is captured in video at the following link. Truly amazing testimony.

*** End of Update 1


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