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Semantic Web Framework – the Core

Semantic Web Frameworks

As I embark on my mission to understand the Semantic Web, I thought I’d reproduce a visual illustrating the core components of a Semantic Web Framework – from p. 143 of the Semantic Web Programming book. Here it is:

Semantic Web Framework

Figure 1.1 Core Components of a Semantic Web Framework

Providing commentary on this visual, the authors write:

Most Semantic Web frameworks are a collection of integrated tools that allow you to create and work with a knowledgebase. … These frameworks are usually composed of three basic kinds of components, as depicted [in the visual above]: storage, access, and inference. Each element is interconnected because there is often a lot of interaction among these various components. Storage components are repositories of RDF statements that store information. Access components are usually query processors or application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide the retrieval and modification of information, and inference components are reasoning engines that apply interpretation of OWL semantics to the information in the knowledgebase.

Fundamentally, a knowledgebase is a collection of facts (statements). The components of a Semantic Web framework serve to store, provide access to, and infer about these facts.

Facts can be explicit or implicit. Explicit facts are those that have been directly asserted in the knowledgebase. Implicit facts are entailments, facts whose existence is implied by the combination of explicit facts and the semantics of ontologies and rules in the knowledgebase.

So with this basic framework – essentially the basic runtime environment of a Semantic Web Knowledge System – future posts will elaborate on this basic foundation to illustrate the basic workings of managing knowledge in the Semantic Web.


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