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The Next great media company won’t have a website

A provocative post from Steve Rubel from September 30, 2009 titled The Next Great Media Company won’t have a Website.

Quoting Rubel:

Lately I have noticed that many of the people, blogs, news services and more that I want to track are right inside Facebook. I have even filed them under a list called “feeds.”

This is very convient since their updates are integrated right into my stream right beside the people that I follow – friends, family, coworkers, etc.

This has tremendous potential. Conceivably the next great media company will be all spokes and no hub. It will exist as a constellation of connected apps and widgets that live inside other sites and offer a full experience plus access to your social graph and robust community features. Each of these may interconnect too so that a media company’s community on Facebook can talk to the same on Twitter.

Rubel notes that the New England Patriots have recently established a major presence on Facebook, and the new Fan zone already has over 120,000 followers.

This is all very much in the spirit of the Real Time Web and the growing importance of Activty Streams. For more on these topics, see Chris Messina’s posts here and here.


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