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Semantic Web Gang discusses RDF – the “base model” for the Semantic Web

In a previous post, I provided a link to a video which discusses RDFa – which is a semantic markup syntax for embedding semantics into an XHTML web page.

RDFa, however, is built on top of a more “base” W3C standard called RDF, or the Resource Description Framework. RDF can be understood as both the representation of a model – that is, a graph-based data model – and a syntax. The syntax, in turn, is built on XML.

Paul Miller and the Semantic Gang

I recently came across Paul Miller in his role of moderating sessions at the recent Semantic Technology 2009 conference in San Jose in June. Paul, who is a Technology Evangelist for SemWeb tool provider Talis (correction: Paul is no longer with Talis, and now runs his own consultancy. See Paul’s comment below.), hosts a blog called Cloud of Data, which is a wonderful resource for the emerging Open Linked Data web, and Cloud Computing generally.

Paul also hosts a monthly podcast called the Semantic Web Gang. This is a really great podcast for SemWeb geeks, and regular participants include such industry luminaries as Mills Davis of Project10x, Tom Tague with the Open Calais initiative, Peter Mika of Yahoo! Research, and Alex Iskold from AdaptiveBlue.

October podcast – The Semantic Web Gang discusses RDF

The October podcast from the Semantic Web Gang discusses the role of RDF in the Semantic Web, and to what extent the Semantic Web is predicated on RDF. They also discuss the barrier to adoption that the somewhat verbose RDF can represent for update to semantic technologies, and the need for more user-friendly graph-based modeling tools.

Good stuff.


  1. October 20, 2009 at 2:28 am

    Hi Glenn, and thanks for the pointers to the Gang podcast which I hope you continue to find useful.

    Just a quick note to clarify that I’m no longer with Talis, although they do continue to contract my time for many of these podcasts

    • October 20, 2009 at 2:46 am

      Hi Paul. I’ve really enjoyed listening to your podcasts the past few days, and I thought you did a really good job moderating … hmm … one or two of the panels at SemTech 2009. Thanks for clarifying your currently affiliation with Talis, I will be sure to update my blog.

      Best wishes, glenn

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