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Real-time Web – CrunchUp Event in November

Just stumbled across a fantastic gathering of industry luminaries on all things Real-time Web – the Real-time CrunchUp event in November 2009 in San Francisco. Here are a few of my favorite sessions.

From RSS to Realtime, a conversation with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Starting off, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington and Steve Gillmor interview Google CEO Dick Costolo:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s the interview summary on TechCrunch.

Filtering the Real-time Stream – Roundtable

Next, a round table discussion around filtering the real-time stream:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The panel of heavyweights in this roundtable include:

  • Chris Cox – Facebook, VP of Product
  • Amit Singhal – Google, Google Fellow
  • Loic Le Meur – Seesmic, CEO
  • Edo Segal – Futurity Ventures, investor/entrepreneur
  • Ken Moss – CrowdEye, CEO
  • Lili Cheng – Microsoft, GM of FUSE Labs
  • Bret Taylor – Facebook, VP of Platform
  • Jason Hirschhorn – MySpace, Chief Product Officer
  • Jason Shellen – Thing Labs/Brizzly, CEO
  • Kimbal Musk – OneRiot, CEO
  • Ron Conway – Angel Investor
  • Jason Hirschhorn – MySpace, Chief Product Officer

I thought Chris Cox’s comments on the initial conceiving of Facebook’s Newsfeed was interesting. He said when they started working on Newsfeed:

[We] began with the metaphor of a Newspaper, because it was an attempt to present information from a bunch of different sources in a way that understood from a reader’s perspective what was important and what was interesting … and to imagine if the newspaper were just a stream, and the Sports, and Comics, and Headlines were all inter-mixed and just flowing down.

You kind of know that wouldn’t work. So there’s this balance to strike between the Newspaper which you get everyday, and the flow of everything that’s happening as it’s happening right now.

I find Chris’ comments interesting, as they position the (or a) future of digital news as incorporating a flowing stream of real-time news data, customized to a user’s interest, where one of the signals is the relevance of the content as determined by a user’s social graph. It points the way to potential dramatic changes in the UI for traditional news sites.

Googe Fellow Amit Singhal commented that these are very exciting times in data managing/mining, because the volume of data has exploded with the real-time Stream. Four components that are new in the equation are:

  • the real-time nature of the stream
  • the massively increasing volume of the data
  • the user’s Social Graph
  • geo-location information

Again, here’s TechCrunch’s summary of the discussion.

Geo Streams: We Know Where You Are, Right Now

Finally, a panel discussion on real-time geo.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Again, an awesome panel including:

  • Matt Galligan, co-Founder of SimpleGeo
  • Ryan Sarver, Director of Platform at Twitter
  • Tristan Walker, VP of Business Development at Foursquare
  • Steve Lee, Group Product Manager Google Maps for Mobile and Google Latitude
  • Justin Shaffer, Founder of Hot Potato
  • Elad Gil, CEO of Mixer Labs

Just watching the video now, and will provide some brief comments later. Here’s TechCrunch’s summary of the panel discussion.



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