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Information Discovery – Key Steps

Just throwing out some initial thoughts on key steps in information (and content) discovery, from an information consumer’s point of view … they are:

  1. Context
  2. Intent
  3. Semantics
  4. Query
  5. Source
  6. Determine Relevance
  7. Deliver
  8. Filter
  9. Consume

OK, so the above aren’t all exactly “steps”, but they do (I think) represent distinct considerations when discovering and retrieving information – and it should basically apply to both “push” and “pull” information discovery scenarios.

*** Updated Jan 1 2010 ***
Hmm, don’t think I entirely like this framework. I think I’ll revisit and describe both (i) the Search Engine’s crawling, classifying, and relevance processes, and then separately (2) the search query formulation and execution (from both a user and infrastructure perspective).

Note to self: Include the Classification step that supercedes the Crawling activity.
*** End of Update ***



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