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HyperLocal News Network – Examiner.com

Being somewhat new to the rapidly evolving HyperLocal space, I was quite impressed when I stumbled upon Examiner.com (link for Examiner.com Vancouver site).

The Examiner as a Citizen Journalism network – Overview

As explained in this TechCrunch article from 2008 titled The Examiner.com Now Wants to Become A Bastion Of Citizen Journalism, The Examiner is creating a national network of Citizen Journalists to cover news and happenings in their local communities and topics of interest.

The Examiner calls these citizen journalists Examiners. To browse the Examiners in Vancouver, click on the Vancouver Examiners Directory. You can also create your personalized Examiner page to follow your favorite Examiners.

Examiner acquires NowPublic Citizen Journalism platform

In September 2009, The Examiner acquired Citizen Journalism blogging platform NowPublic. NowPublic is a great platform, and should position the Examiner very well in the emerging emerging Citizen Journalism hyperlocal news space.

The Social Production of Local News

Are we witnessing the emergence of a critical ecosystem that will pose a serious challenge to dominant local market newspapers? Are we witnessing the emergence of a social production model in local news similar to Wikipedia’s emergence to challenge the commercial Encyclopedia organizations? I think so.



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