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Evri – surfacing the Entity Web

Starting to take an interest in Semantic Web Search startup Evri. Let’s have a quick look at the company.

Introduction to Evri

Here’s an interview by Robert Scoble with Evri’s CTO Deep Dhillon that provides a decent overview of what Evri is all about:

So basically, Evri allows you to nagivate concepts – places, people, things – on the web (also referred to as Topics), and explore their relationships. Evri powers Topic Pages at a number of leading news sites, including the Washington Post and the Times of London.

The following video provides a nice overview of Evri’s Topic Pages (which this video refers to as Profile Pages).

[Vimeo 2392818]

Evri has also been named as a hot startup company of 2009 by both ReadWriteWeb and Robert Scoble.

Evri Technology Architecture

So what about the Semantic Technology under the hood powering Evri? Well here’s a talk given by Evri CTO Deep Dhillon to UW students at the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering in November 2009 (unfortunately the demos are a bit hard to see, but you should get the general idea):

This is part 1 of 6. To review the other 5 parts, see Dhillon’s blog post Discovering Content by Mining the Entity Web. Presentation slides can be downloaded here.

For more on the technology of Semantic Search, see Alex Iskold’s article on ReadWriteWeb from May 2009 titled Semantic Search: The Myth and Reality.


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