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Your Enterprise is what it communicates – Capgemeni CTO Blog

Andy Mulholland, co-author of the book Mashup Corporations: The End of Business as Usual had a provocative post on his CTO Blog a couple days back titled You are what you eat – or your enterprise is what it communicates.

Man, truer words were never spoken. In his blog post, Mulholland quotes “Conway’s Law”, based on a thesis by Melvin Conway, way back in 1968, which Mulholand summarizes as follows:

Organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations

Put somewhat more elaborately, quoting Mulholland:

Essentially Conway’s point was that in designing enterprise business models, computer solutions, even products to take an organisation to market, will always mimic the enterprise’s own communication structure.

Just emphasizes the importance of fostering collaborative internal communication networks across an enterprise, and leveraging social media tools as a core part of a strategy to transform any business organization.


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