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Influence is the Future of Media – Ross Dawson

Media “futurist” Ross Dawson has been talking a lot about Influence lately – and Influence’s role in Media, Marketing, Social Organization, etc. He had a nice blog post titled Top blog posts of 2009: 8 Perspectives on Influence in December 2009 that listed his top blog posts on Influence during 2009.

There’s some interesting stuff here. Nothing really I haven’t specifically encountered before. But Dawson aggregates various Social Media related trends – across Media, the Economy, Social Media, Organizational structure and processes – under the broad category of Influence, and for me anyway, it produced some unique insights.

Here’s a list of some Dawson’s Influence-related posts over 2009 that caught my eye:

Food for thought here.


  1. February 12, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    Um – I try to avoid articles that always put “Future of” as a pre-fix. Anyway Influence is the past, present and future of Influence – any sociological system online or not is and has always been based on the influential entities within it. I suppose we are really talking about ‘measurable’ and visible influence vs previous less tangible WoM. title, reputation and track record…

  2. February 13, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Hi Gary.

    Well, I guess if you screen the content of articles by whether they have the words “future of” at the beginning of a post, and that’s works as a good idea filter, then that’s great. For me, “future of” posts are just a way of categorizing ideas. The content could be insighful, or it could be bogus. I’m certainly not looking for a post that predicts the future per se. I personally am looking for stimulating analysis. Maybe I’m setting the bar too low. 🙂

    ((sociological system online or not is and has always been based on the influential entities within it))

    Yeah, I actually use my blog as a sort of public diary to record ideas as they impact me. I would never say the idea is profound or interesting per se, just that at that moment in time, it speaks to me.

    Ross Dawson’s series of articles reminded me how much the social web, the social graph, and Duncan Watt’s work for that matter – who I am a big fan of – is really about social influence. Those two words, “social influence”, capture the essence of something that I wanted to remind myself of – really, just sort of tag line for an idea that front and center is the social web in a variety of ways. It’s true that in the social web, there really is this vying for “influence” that is so front-and-center, that to be honest, I find it kind of weird.

    Yes, I think the Google-like ability to throw machine learning algorithms at participation in a social graph is important – i.e. tracking and monitoring of social influence. But I just wanted to make a mental “note to self” to reflect on the term “social influence”, and the many ways that it manifests in a social web world.

    Thanks for the comment Gary. Can you relate to this angle? Or not so much?


  1. February 13, 2010 at 2:18 am

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