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Epipheo Studios – brilliant use of visual thinking applied to video

A few weeks back I stumbled across this really cool video that illustrated the essence of the value proposition behind a semantic technology company called Metaweb (recently acquired by Google). When I first saw the video, I thought “Wow, what a great use of visual thinking to explain an underlying concept!”

Well, it turns out this video was one of many created by a company called Epipheo Studios. Epipheo, BTW, is short for “Epiphanies on Video”. Say what? Well, here’s how Epipheo tells the story:

As explained in the video, an Epipheo explains and enlightens, it explains new concepts and ideas in a simple and original way. If we are inspired and stimulated by the experience, we are likely to want to share it with others we feel might be interested. And if they are enlightened or inspired, they will share it with others too. And so on.

Oh, and it may also be an advertisement for a company or product. But if you learn something new, if it helps new ideas and concepts form in your mind, if it leads to an “epiphany”, you may not even notice. And you are unlikely to find the experience “intrusive”.

I love it. Here’s another video from Epipheo that I really liked, that explains Facebook’s Social Plugins:

To see other Epipheos, click here to see their entire portfolio of videos.



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