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Europe’s Future Internet initiative – a Semantic Internet of Services & Things

I spent some time today checking out the EC’s Future Internet initiative to glean insight into the EC’s vision of the future of the Internet. STI International made the video below titled The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0 to communicate the essence of this vision:

Service Web 3.0 is actually a sub-project of the broader Future Internet initiative. Core to this vision are:

  • A semantic web
  • An interconnected web of data and things
  • A connected web of services
  • A social web

A couple interesting related publications are:

There are also a couple interesting videos from Graham Hench of STI International on semantic service-oriented architecture. The first video, titled Service-oriented architectures, presents a broad overview of service-oriented architecture as it applies to a semantic service web:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The slide deck from Hench’s talk can be found here. The second video is Service-oriented architectures: Case study.

In the first video, Hench presents an interesting slide that illustrates how the EU views/organizes the core programs of work encompassed within the Future Internet initiative. Here’s the slide:

At the center of this slide are four core themes:

  1. Network Architecture and Mobility
  2. Internet of “Things”
  3. Content Creation and Delivery
  4. Services Architectures

And of courses, as Hench mentions in a previous slide, there is a pervasive “need for semantics in order to meet the challenges presented by the dramatic increase in the scale of content and users”.

Interesting stuff.


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