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Imagini’s VisualDNA and Audience-based Selling

A couple weeks back, I watched the entire collection of videos from the Newspaper Consortium conference hosted at Yahoo!’s offices in November 2010. There were several themes that emerged repeatedly during the sessions, but a key theme was traditional newspaper sales organizations moving away from product-based selling to audience-based selling.

Shortly after, I stumbed upon an article describing the Trinity Mirror Group‘s adoption of Imagini’s VisualDNA technology. From the article:

Trinity Mirror is moving from simply selling impressions to what it claims is a far more sophisticated system which will effectively allow them to ‘sell audiences’, using the online profiling specialists patented VisualDNA technology.

Imagini’s VisualDNA works by inviting internet users on a site to take part in a free online personality test via text links and display ads.

The results are used to create highly detailed profiles with around 100 tags for each user based on their responses to questions revealing core demographic, location, lifestyle, attitudinal and motivational personality traits and specific brand preference data.

VisualDNA then collates profiles into specific Audience Lists that can be automatically integrated into DoubleClick’s DFP and DFA products, enabling the Mirror’s sales teams to sell targeted audiences according to a particular advertiser’s needs.

The following video provides a brief overview of how VisualDNA’s segments audiences:

And here’s a link to Trinity’s Audience Targeting page.

Interesting technology for more personalized, relevant ad targeting.


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