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Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch boils Marketing down to its essence

Continuing my quest to absorb the wisdom of leading marketing practitioners (recent posts explore GasPedal Word of Mouth Marketing presentations, Geno Church and team at Brains on Fire, Brian Halligan of HubSpot, David Meerman Scott, and Brian Halligan of HubSpot), today I want to tap the common sense and clarity of John Jantsch, author of Duck Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine.

The Duck Tape Marketing System

Duck Tape Marketing is the name John Jantsch applied to his Marketing System for small businesses. The key word is “system”. Duck Tape Marketing approaches take applies a systematic approach to Marketing – but an approach that is intuitive, easily understood, and targeted to small businesses.

I’ll just list a few of the key components of this “program”, and then let Jantsch introduce in his own words what Duck Tape Marketing is all about. So here goes, key elements of the approach:

  • Define your Ideal Customer
  • Optionally, define multiple Ideal Customers by segmenting your target market
  • Discover your Mission (or Core Marketing Message)
  • Understand what makes your business different
  • Create Products and Services for every stage of Client Development
  • Two-step Advertising generates better results
  • Create great content (or Earned Media) that informs and educates
  • Design a Referral Program
  • Measure Results

In his book, Jantsch defines Marketing as Getting people, who have a specific need or problem, to know, like, and trust you. One of the reasons for creating products and services for different stages of client engagement is precisely to build trust as your customers get to know you. Whitepapers, webinars, blog posts, podcasts – all are great ways to build your reputation and show your expertise, so that you positioned your business as an expert and trusted resource.

Below is a slide from one of Janstch’s presentations that illustrates his view of the Marketing Funnel – a visual he calls the Marketing Hourglass:

You’ll notice the Know, Like, Trust stages, which represent the front-end of the funnel. The remaining stages involve involve consummating and managing the customer relationship.

Straight from the Duck’s (err, Horse’s) Mouth

So, with that said, below are my favorite Jantsch videos, starting with Discovering your Ideal Client:

Then, Discovering your Core Message:

Followed by:

Finally, a very nice webinar from Jantsch sharing the core messages from his latest book The Referral Engine:

Slides for the presentation can be found here. For more from Jantsch, please see his YouTube Channel, or pick up one or both of his books. He’s a very effective educator and communicator. I find he really gets to the essence of a topic, in a very down-to-earth and effective way.


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