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Data and Analytics in Digital Media – Monaco Media Forum 2010

Another very nice panel from the Monaco Media Forum from November 2010:

The Panel is moderated by Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia. Participating in the panel are:

  • Magid Abraham – CEO, comScore
  • Steve Hasker – President, Media Product Leadership & Advertiser Solutions, The Nielsen Company
  • Jeff Levick – President, Global Advertising & Strategy, AOL
  • Eran Shir – Founder & CTO, Dapper

I thought Jeff Levick from AOL was particularly interesting. On the question of how does AOL balance the need for creativity in advertising with the advantages that standardized ad units bring, Levick had this to say:

First of all, I think we’re trying to redefine what that standardization looks like. Standardization is important so you can reach scale. But in the same vein, to your point, the Web and the vehicles that we’re using for standard units for the Web were adopted a decade ago, and were basically built by technologists not by advertising professionals.

So I think we’re taking a more adacious step, which is we think that the entire wiring and plumbing … of web-based advertising needs to be reimagined. And we started doing this on a few of our properties, with different forms of web units, and web units that allow for more interactivity inside of them, allow for different kinds of measurements, and allow for amarketer to express themselves in more than one way. So it’s not just a message. It could be a message with a video with an offer.

Then in response the question what sort of a content company AOL wants to be in 5 years, Levick had this to say:

We certainly think about being, on the quality bar, the highest producer of high-quality, premium information. … I would say using their off-line presence, I would say we would definitely be more of the premium type Conde Nast-esque …

It’s about having world-class individuals who know the most amount of information in that specific area, and can program and curate information in the most beautiful way for that audience. So Conde Nast is a good example. Although they took it out of publication, a great example would be Gourmet magazine. The most beautiful experience for food on the planet. When they close it down we hired the editorial staff and they’re now programming a kitchen site for us.

But that’s how we think about where we’re going.

Recent AOL acquisitions of TechCrunch and Huffington Post certainly reflect this strategy.



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