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Creative Technology in Advertising – John Mayo-Smith and Scott Prindle

Nice presentation on the increasing importance of creative technology in Advertising by John Mayo-Smith, EVP, Chief Technology Officer, R/GA and Scott Prindle, VP, Executive Creative Technology Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

A very nice quote in the presentation from Scrott Prindel:

The greater the complexity of the ecosystem, the greater the need for creative and strategic technology leadership.

Mayo-Smith also had an interesting message which was this: “Code is the new language of business”. He elaborates:

It’s sort of a parallel concept with the idea that programmers have more to offer than just sort of execution and building out creative ideas that come from somewhere else. There’s something a bit more fundamental going on that we need to explore IMO, which is that code and what’s going on behind the scenes is the new language of business.

In other words, technologists can bring thought processes and ideas to strategy and design that are unique to how they see and experience the world. And that these insights can be key to both strategic insight and product development – and that technology is not just about operational execution. This really rings true to my experience of the world at my company.

In Brand Advertising, says Prindle, programmers can also “collaborate with planners to spark ideas for innovative brand services and utilities”. This is very much part of moving beyond the microsite to more app-based brand product offerings and experiences. As Prindle elaborates, it’s also part of a focusing beyond message development to actually providing interactive services and features with which customers directly interact.

Important ideas IMO.


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