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PlaceRank – Google’s algorithm for ranking Local Landmarks

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment

A very provocative article from Chris Silver Smith at Search Engine Land on Google’s algorithm for ranking local landmarks, which Google has recently branded as Favorite Places. This algorithm, often referred to as “PlaceRank”, was apparently first highlighted by Bill Slawski in 2007 in a post analyzing the related Google patent.

Silver Smith’s post goes on to explore how the Placerank algorithm gives prefential treatment to Wikipedia pages, as well as highlights a couple articles on optimizing for PageRank:

For additional local search-related commentary, see additional recent Chris Silver Smith’s articles here.

Geolocation is certainly a dominant trend for 2010.



Google Favorite Places – another Hyperlocal arrow in Google’s quiver

January 1, 2010 2 comments

Don’t now how this escaped me of late, but Google also announced last month a program to promote its local business listings in storefronts around the U.S. It’s called Google Favorite Places.

Here’s the video:

Yet another piece of Google’s over-arching Local strategy.

It’s pretty awesome (in a borg-like sort of way).