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Understanding Graph Databases – Marko Rodriguez

March 13, 2011 Leave a comment

The best introduction to Graph Databases that I’ve seen, from Marko Rodriguez at WindyCityDB 2010 event in June:

Slides to the talk can be found here. There is one particular slide in the presentation that I found extremely beautiful. It is this one:

What is so extremely elegant about this structure is that the Index structures are of the same form (i.e. a Graph) as the relational structure of the core domain model. Quoting Rodriguez:

So now this is what a Graph Database starts to look like. You have your domain model, this is the human world that we think about. And then you have these others structures on top – that how you are partitioning thatworld. And that’s more the computer’s interpretations of the world.

And again it’s just nodes and edges, it’s one atomic entity.

I can’t speak to the computational efficiency of this model. But clearly there’s a conceptual elegance that feels very natural. I highly recommend watching the entire presentation.