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Business Model Innovation – Cataloging Strategies


This blog post will be a long-running post that catalogs strategies for business model innovation.

As Alexander Osterwalder points out, Business Models are actually complex beasts that are not just about a value proposition, or a strategy for making money and beating the competition, but have various components around the Customer, the Value Proposition, Channels and Delivery Models, the Operating Model and key Activities, Core Competencies, Systems and Infrastructure, etc. Put another way, Business Models aren’t just about strategy, they’re also about systems and processes to operationalize that strategy.


There are some excellent resources on the web that catalog strategies for business model innovation. Here are a (very) few:

I plan to update this list over time.

Business Model Innovation Strategies

So here’s a super-short list, that I hope to evolve over time:

  • Be a Platform
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Open Business Models
  • Open Data strategies
  • Fremium strategies
  • Premium Product
  • Customer Intimacy
  • Low-cost Producer
  • Long-tail strategies

OK, that should be enough to get started. I’ll elaborate on this list soon, providing additional examples, as well as links to additional resources and case studies. I suspect the “shape” of this catalog could become rather large and complex – but, it has to start somewhere. So this post begins the journey.


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